Influenzanet is a system to monitor the activity of influenza-like-illness (ILI) with the aid of volunteers via the internet

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Participating countries and volunteers:

The Netherlands 0
Belgium 0
Portugal 2385
Italy 5492
Great Britain 0
Sweden 3559
Germany 0
Austria 0
Switzerland 2651
France 9437
Spain 1063
Ireland 262
Denmark 37798
InfluenzaNet is a system to monitor the activity of influenza-like-illness (ILI) with the aid of volunteers via the internet. It has been operational in The Netherlands and Belgium (since 2003), Portugal (since 2005) and Italy (since 2008), and the current objective is to implement InfluenzaNet in more European countries.

In contrast with the traditional system of sentinel networks of mainly primary care physicians coordinated by the European Influenza Surveillance Scheme (EISS), InfluenzaNet obtains its data directly from the population. This creates a fast and flexible monitoring system whose uniformity allows for direct comparison of ILI rates between countries.

Any resident of a country where InfluenzaNet is implemented can participate by completing an online application form, which contains various medical, geographic and behavioural questions. Participants are reminded weekly to report any symptoms they have experienced since their last visit. The incidence of ILI is determined on the basis of a uniform case definition.

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Nehmen Sie an der Überwachung der Grippe in der Schweiz teil!

Thanks to the voluntary participation of the population, follows the development of seasonal flu in Switzerland every year. Help us understand and monitor the spread of the virus! Register now with GrippeNet .  

Info COVID-19: Since the week of March 9, 2020, has also been helping to monitor the COVID-19 epidemic (the disease caused by the new coronavirus) in Switzerland.

The principle is as follows: you register anonymously and quickly on the website, then tell us every week if you have flu symptoms. If so, you will be asked for some details about the symptoms. You are welcome to register your relatives (children, parents) with their consent to help us obtain a representative sample of the population.

Monitoring the COVID-19 epidemic

Seasonal influenza and COVID-19 can have similar symptoms: fever, cough, fatigue and difficulty breathing are common with both diseases. The monitoring of your symptoms reported through the weekly questionnaires can therefore also be applied to the monitoring of the COVID-19 epidemic. As we near the end of the flu season, any increase in these so-called " Influenza syndromes" have probably been linked to new cases of COVID-19. This will allow us to follow the development of the epidemic in the coming months. Your participation in will help us to better understand the extent of the COVID-19 epidemic, especially also in people without a serious illness, which in all likelihood represent the vast majority of cases of SARS-CoV-2 (new coronavirus) infection.

By participating, you are not only helping research, but you are also making a decisive contribution to protecting your own health and the people around you - a commitment to their quality of life and that of those around you.

Would you like to receive more information about the project or influenza, then take a look at the categories About Us , What is the flu? or common questions around. For a comprehensive look at influenza in Switzerland, we would like to refer you to the information offered by the Federal Office of Public Health . You can find more information on COVID-19 at . If you have any further questions, simply contact us using the contact form .


Unsere GrippeMap zeigt Ihnen die Verteilung von grippeähnlichen Symptomen. Die Farben zwischen BLAU (gering) und ROT (häufig) visualisieren dabei die Häufigkeit grippeähnlicher Symptome. Alle Ergebnisse dieser Karte erlangen jedoch erst an Relevanz, wenn sich mehrere Tausend Nutzer aktiv an der Plattform beteiligen. Gleichwohl muss gesagt werden, dass diese Ergebnisse nicht repräsentativ für die Influenza in der gesamten Schweiz sind, sondern lediglich für die Menschen, welche diese Plattform verwenden. 

Weitere Informationen, zur offiziellen Erfassung der Verbreitung der Influenza in der Schweiz, finden Sie auf der Internetseite des Bundesamtes für Gesundheit.

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Überwachung von COVID-19

Ab dieser Woche wird an der Überwachung von COVID-19 teilnehmen. Weiterlesen...

Newsletter 29.01.2020

Das nationale Sentinella-Überwachungssystem zeigte letzte Woche mit 215 grippebedingten Konsultationen pro 100.000 Einwohner einen Anstieg der Influenza-Inzidenz. Weiterlesen...

Newsletter 22.01.2020

Die Fälle von Influenza nehmen in der Schweiz weiter zu, wobei die Inzidenz von Influenza-Syndromen in der Grippenet-Bevölkerung 3,2% beträgt. In erster Linie sind Menschen unter 30 Jahren am stärksten betroffen. Weiterlesen...

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